Is My Long Hair Blocking Your View

by Amy Naylor

"I think I like the first one better. Try that one on again."

"The pink? You didn't think it was too...frilly?"

"No it was beautiful. Very feminine."



"Ok hang on I'll be out in a sec. So Mom you didn't really answer my question. Would it be ok for her to stay over this weekend or...?"

"Yes, this is definitely the one. Here turn around I'll do it up in the back."

"Mom? Thanksgiving dinner? Jess staying over?"

"Yes, yes it's fine. When have you ever not been able to bring a friend home from school for the weekend?"

"Well this is a bit different no? I mean you weren't ok with me having Michael sleep ov—"

"It'll definitely need to be taken up. Have you decided what shoes you'll be wearing?"


"It's not at all the same Anna. Last time I checked Jess isn't a boy."

"I know Jess isn't a boy Mom. If Jess were a boy we wouldn't be dating. That's the funny thing about being a lesbian."

"Please will you keep your voice down!"

"In case security kicks us out for using the L word? I don't think I like this dress."

"She's perfectly welcome to join us for thanksgiving weekend. Should I cook something else? Does she eat turkey? I've heard they make turkeys made entirely of tofu now. I'm sure I could find one if that suits."

"Jesus Mom. Just because she's gay doesn't mean she's completely, you know, hipster or something. Yes, she eats meat. As do I by the way."

"Yes, well—"

"So it's settled. I'll ask Dad to haul the extra mattress upstairs when we get home. I think it's itching me under the arms here."

"We've promised that mattress to Grandma already. It's fine Anna she can just sleep with you it's only two nights."

"With me? As in, in my bed with me?"

"You've been having sleepovers since you were seven one more won't kill you. And I think it's just the tag. Here I'll get it."

"Mom she's my girlfriend. You're actually going to let her to sleep in my bed with me?"

"It's not that big a deal Anna. I don't know why you're getting upset. Isn't this what you want?"

"Of course but—"

"But what?"

"Aren't you worried?"

"Worried about what?"

"About...come on Mom. What were you always so paranoid about with Michael?"

"It's different."

"Different? How?"

"Excuse me! Would you mind getting us a pair of scissors? There's a loose thread here and I don't want it to run."

"Different how?"

"You'd rather me tell you she has to sleep in a sleeping bag in the basement?"

"What I'd rather is for you to treat this relationship with the same seriousness you've treated any other relationships I've had."

"Anna calm down. Let's just enjoy our day out together. Shopping for winter formal was supposed to be fun. You used to love shopping."

"I still do! Believe it or not Mom just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm a totally different person. I'm still me, just minus a boyfriend."

"Please don't use that tone."

"What tone exactly?"

"You make it sound so final."

"It is final. How many times are you going to make me come out? I thought telling you the first time was going to be hard. And I was right you did not make it easy. What I didn't know is I was going to have to do it all over again every time I come home from school! Why won't you believe I'm not into guys anymore?"

"Because you're just not as...you know what I mean Anna."

"No I don't. Not as what? Not as gay? Are we really going to go through this all again? And get this thing off me I can't reach the zipper."

"I've said it before Anna. College is about experimenting. I've read it's totally normal to go through pha—"

"Do NOT say this is a phase. Do not."

"Stop moving around like that you're going to rip it. Hold still and I'll cut that thread."

"Let go! I'll do it myself. Give me the scissors."

"Careful it's a delicate—"

"It's because I still look like a "regular" girl isn't it? I bet every school break you expect to see me walk in the door with a pixie cut, piercings and a tattoo. Is that what you want? Would it give your heterosexual hopes for me some weird sort of closure if I looked more like a dyke?"

"Of course that isn't what I want! And don't use that word."

"So you what? See my long hair and made up face coming up the driveway and think 'Hey she's changed her mind?'"

"No of course I—Anna! What are you do-? Oh my god! What have you done? Your beautiful hair! I cannot believe you just did that you foolish girl. You think chopping your hair off in a designer dressing room is daring or rebellious? Look at yourself in the mirror. You look obscene! Your beautiful hair..."

"Yeah, this is definitely not the one. Let me try the second one on again."

BIO: Amy Naylor lives in Toronto and is doing her best to live a life worth writing about. Though she’s not sure how it happened, work seems to have taken a back seat to writing and traveling and she couldn’t be happier about it. Dialogue is always her favourite part of any writing endeavour.