Hunting in the Dark

Introducing our fifth flash novel:
Hunting in the Dark by William Burleson

Available on October 27th in print and e-book.

Hunting in the Dark by William Burleson, a flash novel from Bartleby Snopes Press

Cover design by Christy Solberg

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Description of Hunting in the Dark

A hundred and fifty miles north of Minneapolis and maybe fifty feet above the rapids on the Black River, Paul and his high school friends are far from the prying eyes of their parents. They celebrate their freedom and their youth with little caution and few concerns. Blood brothers without the mess; friends for life. But youth is short lived, and rich and poor, urban and rural, their paths are destined to be very different. This coming of age story asks: how does privilege, circumstance, and blind luck govern our fate? And what risks are we willing to take along the way?

What People are Saying about Hunting in the Dark

"For all the toughness of his characters and the sharp edge of his hard-hitting style, William Burleson reveals a tenderness toward his characters that will make you care as much about them as he does."

-- Stephen Wilbers, Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist and award-winning author of several books on the craft of writing and the history of the Boundaries Waters of Northern Minnesota.

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