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April Issue

Welcome to our current issue. Each week we add two new stories before opening the Story of the Month voting at the end of the month. Each story remains on this page for four weeks before being archived.

This Week's Stories

Growing a New Tail by Lisa C. Taylor (April 2014 Week 3)
Quietly, Unmoving by Greg Letellier (April 2014 Week 3)

Recent Stories

Ambassadors in Exile by Craig Fishbane (April 2014 Week 2)
Night Orderly by Ronald Friedman (2013 Dialogue Contest Winner)
Land of Lost Fathers by Ryan J Ouimet (April 2014 Week 1)
My Condolence by Jon Fried (April 2014 Week 1)
Nighttime Stories by June Sylvester Saraceno (March 2014 Week 4)
Picture People by Jonathan Gotsick (March 2014 Week 4)

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