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The July Issue is now complete. Be sure to read all of our stories and vote for your favorite. Voting closes at the end of the day on August 3rd.

This Week's Stories

Hack by Ralph Uttaro (July 2014 Week 4)
Out of the Kentucky Hills by Tim Bass (July 2014 Week 4)

Recent Stories

Drinking Grandma's Tea by Julie C. Day (July 2014 Week 3)
The Transcribed by Brett Biebel (July 2014 Week 3)
Synchronic Conversations: a Tragedy in Triptych by Dan Reiter (July 2014 Week 2)
D-Day by Gary Moshimer (July 2014 Week 2)
The Clay Pot by Bikram Sharma (July 2014 Week 1)
Object by Naomi Telushkin (July 2014 Week 1)

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