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December Story of the Month

The winner of the Story of the Month Contest for December is Orientation by Paul Beckman. This was Paul's first appearance in Bartleby Snopes.

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Note: The Story of the Month is a monthly contest voted on by the readers of Bartleby Snopes. Near the end of each month, voting begins and lasts for about one week. All current stories are eligible. The winner of the Story of the Month earns an automatic spot in the semiannual magazine.

Past Story of the Month Winners

December 2016 - Columbia Market by Paul Beckman

November 2016 - Orientation by David Hammons

October 2016 - Blue Moon Motel by Caitlyn Leonard

September 2016 - Everything is Peaceful Here Except for Missing You by Jake Weber

August 2016 - What Counts by Kate Wisel

July 2016 - Goat-Hearted by Timothy DeLizza

June 2016 - The Classroom by Jesse Ofsowitz

April/May 2016 - Larry Walters Has Flown Away by Rachel Richardson

March 2016 - Lean In by Carrie Cook

February 2016 - Laws of Motion by Kate Crosby

December 2015 - Cosmonauts by Clint Margrave

November 2015 - It Can, It Can, It Can by Eric Boyd

September 2015 - That Kind of Light by Maureen O'Leary

August 2015 - Troll by Ian Richardson

July 2015 - My Yellow Cup with the Tiger On by Scott McClelland

June 2015 - Coming Home by Louis Rakovich

April 2015 - The Great Strawberry by Robin White

March 2015 - Montreal by Ryan Napier

January 2015 - Forget-Me-Not by Philip Bowne

December 2014 - Goodbye to the Karls by Kelsey Englert

November 2014 - When a Body in the Water Hits Your Body by Kathleen J Woods

October 2014 - Death Pie by Bertram Allan Mullin

September 2014 - All the Sounds of China by Leonora Desar

August 2014 - Become One Flesh by Maria Pinto

July 2014 - Synchronic Conversations: a Tragedy in Triptych by Dan Reiter

June 2014 - Inventory by Amanda Hart Miller

May 2014 - A Night in the Diner by Michael Morshed

April 2014 - Land of Lost Fathers by Ryan J. Ouimet

March 2014 - Sorting by Andrew Bockhold

February 2014 - SnapCamus by Edward Lando

January 2014 - Maybe Let's Don't by Mark Jaskowski

December 2013 - MacGyver by Daniel Thompson

November 2013 - Forty-Seven Wives by Catherine Carberry

October 2013 - Now You See Me by Joseph Michael Owens

September 2013 - Heavy Shoes by Christopher DiCicco

August 2013 - She's Half by William Lemon

July 2013 - Victorian Novel by Jay O'Shea

June 2013 - The Des Moines Kabuki Dinner Theatre by David S Atkinson

May 2013 - Busy People by Jamez Chang

April 2013 - Solitary Swedish Houses by Gwyn Ruddell Lewis

March 2013 - The Stana Yurich Snatching by Refe Tuma

February 2013 - Fenway by Jeff Marcus Wheeler

January 2013 - The Incomplete Sentence by Kate Folk

December 2012 - Kim by Jeremy Gluck

November 2012 - Stella of the Angels by Christopher DeWan

October 2012 - My Other House is Cleaner by Michael Schrimper

September 2012 - An Upside Down Flier for a Ferris Wheel by Dillon J Welch

August 2012 - The Last Silver Button by Mandy Alyss Brown

July 2012 - Hair Club for Men and the Peacock Lady by Kristen Forbes

June 2012 - The Gag by Daniel Ball

May 2012 - Postpartum by Brittany Michelson

April 2012 - Ted by Brian Ross

March 2012 - The Competition by Margaret Mendel

February 2012 - Mr. Softie by Annie Hartnett

January 2012 - Quick & Painless by Shellie Richards

December 2011 - My Father and Jackson Pollock by Wesley McMasters

November 2011 - Superhero by Patrick Trotti

October 2011 - Darnell: Waiting on the Day by Beau Johnson

September 2011 - Reunion by Merle Drown

August 2011 - Runaway by Heather Luby

July 2011 - The Cord by Chip O'Brien

June 2011 - Our Home, the Hive by Peter Kispert

May 2011 - The Squirrel Hunter by CS DeWildt

April 2011 - A Kind of Bravery by Josh Orkin

March 2011 - An Interrogation by Matt Rowan

February 2011 - The Magician by Andrew Stancek

January 2011 - A Little Taste of Heaven by Jen Knox

December 2010 - Turtle's Christmas Pact by Meg Tuite

November 2010 - Mister Bink Habit by Michael Frissore

October 2010 - Cry Wolf by Jac Cattaneo

September 2010 - The River by Cliff Young

August 2010 - Last Stand by Ron Yates

July 2010 - Ambassadors for Christ by Robert Meade

June 2010 - Why Do You Kill Anything? by Brian Ted Jones

May 2010 - Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Elizabeth Skoski

April 2010 - Of a Story by Kevin Winter

March 2010 - She's My Mother by Sherri Collins

February 2010 - Puppet's Prognosis by Schuyler Dickson

January 2010 - The Whack-Job Girls by Bonnie ZoBell

December 2009 - Baptized in the Holy Ghost by Eric Bennett

November 2009 - The Bull by CS DeWildt

October 2009 - Cowboys, Indians, and Brothels by Eric Miller

September 2009 - The Second Coming by Townsend Walker

August 2009 - Slow Motion Riders by Richard Osgood

July 2009 - The Infirmary by Jessica Higgins

June 2009 - Membrane by Richard Santos

May 2009 - Scavenger by Ajay Vishwanathan

April 2009 - A Family Outing by Ethel Rohan

March 2009 - Cigarettes Don't Fit by Kyle Kuehner

February 2009 - Koala Tide by Sarah Rose

January 2009 - A Time to Die by Eric Bennett

December 2008 - Peas of a Pod by Jonathon Maisel

November 2008 - Deathbirth by Christopher T.Dabrowski

October 2008 - Fish Kicker by Margaret Mendel

September 2008 - Agaue's First Hunt by Trevor Doherty

August 2008 - The Key of C by Bryn Clark

July 2008 - A Sure Thing by Joseph Grant

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